International Contracts

The best-known international form of contract is issued by FIDIC, who provide standard forms of contract to an internationally acceptable standard.


These are turnkey contracts, appropriate for all design and build contracts but also for works mostly designed by the Employer and for electrical and mechanical works. FIDIC Silver Book is suitable for all Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts and for Build Operate Transfer (BOT) contracts or similar ventures. FIDIC Orange book is intended for project work which is to be contracted on a lump sum contractor design basis.

Orgalime is less well known but represents European engineering interests and promotes the necessary competitive frameworks in the European Union. The Orgalime approach is to draft contracts to a European level for business to business transactions. Orgalime now has its own turnkey contracts for industrial works, which involve a higher degree of complex mechanical installation.

We have also worked with the less well-known standard forms used in the oil and gas industry, known as CRINE, and are familiar with the division of various work types and locations between these forms of contract.

Whether your project is building, civil engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or any other form of construction contract, when work is of an international nature it becomes more complex. International standard forms must provide a familiar basis for the contracting parties, government departments, private developers and financial institutions, whilst maintaining a fair and reasonable balance between the parties, allocating risks and responsibilities fairly and clearly.

We have experience of drafting amendments to all of these standard forms and their negotiation with the other parties and funders. We have dealt with litigation arising both under English arbitration provisions and under ICC clauses.

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