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Why choose Barton Legal?

Barton Legal specialises in all aspects of construction and engineering law, both contentious and non-contentious.

Why choose an English Law Firm?

For those engaged in major construction projects outside of the UK, why does opting for an English law firm make sense?

English is the lingua franca for much of the world and English law is the basis for many legal systems around the world, particularly for many contracts and for dispute resolution.

Construction and engineering professionals choose the support of English firms with specialist experience in the field because of their depth of expertise and familiarity with the challenges involved.

Barton Legal: your first choice for international construction projects

Barton Legal specialises in all aspects of construction and engineering, contentious and non-contentious.

We regularly work for international companies and law firms as their in-house construction team.

Clients choose us when they do not have a construction team or where they need external support to manage a heavy workload.

From working with your commercial property team on a large non-contentious project, to helping you with specialist construction litigation, whether adjudication or international arbitration, our approach is entirely flexible, and we adapt to your needs.

We work collaboratively with clients and with a deep understanding of technical issues and problems, our contracts have proved stronger and more dynamic.

How we work

Our specialist lawyers are adept at quickly assimilating to fit our clients’ circumstances and we will tailor our approach to suit you. We can advise you effectively in multiple ways, working:

  • remotely or in person
  • as part of your team, supervising more junior members
  • at your office, at your client’s office, or on a project site


We understand the demands facing you and your clients. As a niche practice, we will look after you and your client, ensuring we enhance your relationship with them, whether reporting directly to them or working under your instruction.

Our track record

We bring to bear experience from a multitude of successful past projects and contracts, delivering expert advice commercially, collaboratively, and to pre-agreed timescales and budgets.

Over the last four years, we have worked with several companies internationally, including:

  • a Chinese contractor in relation to review and advice and drafting of documents relating to a Notice of Dissatisfaction regarding an Engineer’s decision on a dam project in Pakistan, with a value exceeding $1Billion
  • a different Chinese contractor in advice and drafting for submissions to a Dispute Avoidance Board (DAB) in relation to a $200M project in the Maldives
  • advising a German company in relation to claims on a Greek solar project

Non-contentious construction matters

We specialise in contract advice, drafting and negotiation. Our experience and commercial approach makes us the ideal choice to help manage large projects on behalf of our clients where there are different consultants and contractors with multiple contracts and in different locations.

We have advised in relation to many international projects and contracts, such as a 450MW solar project in Chile, a $300M cementation plant in North Africa and a oil tank farm in Ghana, where these were  on FIDIC, NEC or a more bespoke form, acting for employers and project owners, and regularly assist in the early stages of projects. We have particular expertise in energy projects such as wind, solar and biomass.

Termination and repudiation

We provide clarity, expert and commercial advice, with all of our guidance provided in plain English rather than legal gobbledegook.

Barton Legal regularly provides due diligence and red flag reports on project documentation. We understand the transfer of risk through a contract and take-over and acceptance issues. We draft and advise in relation to:

  • Termination
  • Repudiation
  • Non-availability
  • Performance
  • Delay issues
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Frequently asked questions

Disputes come in all shapes and sizes and our experience of arbitration, litigation, adjudication and mediation, in England and overseas, ensures we have the expertise to understand the issues and advise on the best approach, whether bringing or defending claims.

Disputes frequently turn on fully understanding and interpreting the terms, liabilities and obligations that apply. Advising on technical issues such as pay less notices, frustration, delay and liquidated damages, which requires a detailed understanding of the law and contracts. We have experience in international arbitration under ICC rules or LCIA, as well as dispute boards, or simply assisting foreign law firms in general construction claims.

Litigation also requires the management of witnesses, experts and documents and we have an enviable track record, backed up by testimonials, to ensure we maximise your prospects of success.

Wherever your dispute is, whatever the form of contract, if it is written in English we can help. If English jurisdiction applies then we are essential.

Litigation in any form requires you to have rapid access to the very best counsel and experts across the globe and our contacts and connections ensure this will happen.

Our advice is dynamic and commercial, based on expertise and experience. A team working collaboratively and with great guidance is more likely to win.

Barton Legal provides specialist construction and engineering advice and assistance to other law firms that do not have this.

When faced with complex issues, either contentious and non-contentious, there may be a strong temptation for firms to try and deal with these issues themselves.

Construction litigation has its own rules and procedures and many of the processes, such as adjudication, require an in-depth knowledge and actual experience, in order to give the best advice.

Non-contentious construction may vary from JCT to FIDIC, and from issues such as repudiation to exclusion clauses. We have the expertise, knowledge and commercial acumen to help you. 

Moreover, firms should also be wary that their PI may not cover the work associated with areas not included within in their stated areas of expertise. Why take the risk when such matters can easily be referred?

Solicitors lacking specialist knowledge will face a time consuming and uncertain task, as they may be unfamiliar with the technicalities of specialist contracts, complex adjudication or issues surrounding foreign projects, financing and international contracts.

It is preferable for clients to be referred to a specialist that can expertly handle their matter, than receive advice which is perhaps unclear or confused. Our role is to enhance and bolster the advice you give.

Outsourcing the work is therefore beneficial to all parties involved. Barton Legal can assist in construction and engineering matters by being openly added to the process, working alongside your firm to assist your client.