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Arbitration is a popular type of alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”), which resolves disputes without Court involvement. What makes arbitration different is the decision is legally binding, rather than just a recommendation and is enforceable.

There are many international institutions that set rules and appoint arbitrators, with one of the most popular being the International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”) Court of Arbitration.  Although it is a Court by name, it does not make decisions on disputes but instead “exercises judicial supervision of arbitration proceedings” (ICC, 2022).  It is recognised as the leading institution for international arbitration, and many arbitration clauses will refer to the ICC Rules of Arbitration, which are administrated by the ICC Court of Arbitration.

In November 2020, Claudia Salomon made history by becoming the first woman President of the ICC Court, and she began her term in July 2021.  In January 2021, Claudia presented alongside FIDIC President, William Howard, as part of our monthly webinar programme. View the full webinar recording here.

International arbitration agreements are enforced by the United Nations Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards of 1958, more commonly known as the “New York Convention”. The New York Convention requires the 168 states that have signed the treaty to recognise international arbitration awards and enforce them.

There are many benefits of using international arbitration as a dispute resolution tool, compared to litigation, with the primary reason being that it is private. International arbitration may also offer more flexibility, as parties have the choice over the country and language in which the arbitration is conducted, as well as choice over who is appointed as arbitrator and the arbitration process and procedure.

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At Barton Legal, we also have a comprehensive understanding of the ICC Rules and role of the Court and we can advise on the procedure and preparatory steps to be taken when faced with an arbitration claim.

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