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Whether drafting and advising on amendments to the rainbow forms or drafting entirely bespoke contracts based on FIDIC, we have the experience and expertise to ensure your contract says what it is meant to say and does what it is meant to do.

FIDIC – The Overview

·         The best-known international form of contract is FIDIC, which is the go-to contract for almost all international funding institutions.

·         The FIDIC suite of contracts are produced by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, with FIDIC being an acronym for the Federation’s name in French (Federation Internationale des Ingenieurs-Conseil).

·         The most popular FIDIC contracts are the Red Book (for Building and Engineering works designed by the Employer), the Yellow Book (for electrical and mechanical plant and building works designed by the Contractor), and the Silver Book for large engineering projects such as wind and solar.

·         It is the most international of all contracts and is usually a requirement of major funding institutions, such as the World Bank.

·         These contracts are appropriate for all types of projects, whether designed by the Employer, or for specific approaches such as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts, for Build Operate Transfer (BOT) contracts or for project work contracted on a lump sum contractor design basis.

FIDIC Particular Conditions in Relation to Country

In November 2020, Barton Legal hosted a webinar on FIDIC, with the internationally recognised speaker on FIDIC: Dr Donald Charrett, barrister and arbitrator (Australia). Donald shared his industry leading insights on FIDIC Particular Conditions in Relation to Country. His Country table of FIDIC Particular Conditions, which can be found via our website, is an invaluable aide memoire: FIDIC from the Experts – Grey Areas and Governing Law (

FIDIC – The Book Review – ‘A Definitive Guide’

The International Application of FIDIC Contracts: A Practical Guide (2019)

Recently, Bill was asked to review Dr Donald Charrett’s book ‘The International Application of FIDIC Contracts: A Practical Guide (2019)’.  Bill described the industry leading handbook as “A Practical Guide’ is an understatement. Covering 18 countries, each almost a book in its own right, and with 442 pages, this is not bedtime reading. It is said that this book is not intended to be a formal text on the use of FIDIC, but such is the comprehensive nature of the guidance and explanations within the opening chapters that it will undoubtedly be regarded as one of the definitive guides to what FIDIC is and how to use it.”

Follow this link for the full review: CLInt – Book Reviews – June 2020 International Bar Association (

FIDIC – Here to Help

As specialist advisors and leaders in FIDIC, we have helped many clients around the world on understanding and applying FIDIC contracts. If you need any support or just have a question, please do not hesitate to reach out… we are here to help.

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