How NOT to use an NEC Contract and How NOT to Mediate- Dr Jon Broome and Nicholas Baatz QC

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A massive thank you to Dr Jon Broome and Nicholas Baatz QC who shared their expert knowledge and experiences through a lively presentation and engaging Q&A.

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Nicholas Baatz, QC, Atkin Chambers How NOT to Mediate

Nicholas Baatz QC has been recognised for many years by the legal directories as a leader in the fields of construction, information technology and professional negligence.

Dr Jon Broome  How NOT to use an NEC Contract

Dr Jon Broome gained the world’s first PhD in the applied use of NEC back in 1998 before doing post-doc research into contract strategies for complex projects. he is a recognised expert on the NEC family of contracts with books, articles and eLearning published on the subject.

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