The Olympics: A Celebration of Construction & Competition

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Reflecting on our own construction community, the importance of the Olympics and Paralympics to the world really symbolises being ‘together’, which is so important after the past 18 months.

 The Olympics and Paralympics not only brings together the greatest sportsmen and women, demonstrating our human instinct for competitiveness, but it also highlights the best of the architecture, construction and engineering world.  It’s often a festival of facades and the elite of engineering, all with the eyes of the world watching as construction of Olympics villages are born and mature into some of the most famous buildings of our lifetime.  It is where dreams are realised and records are broken, time and time again, something which makes these impressive structures so very special. This in itself should be celebrated.

Tokyo, you have created some beauties, we thank you!

Our Favourite Building

Our favourite Olympic Building has to be the 2012 London Velodrome – the home of British cycling.

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Enter our international competition. Please submit your answers by no later than 2 August 2021.

  • Winner of the men’s 100m
  • Winner of the women’s 100m
  • Country with most medals from the Velodrome
  • Winner of men’s marathon
  • Winner of women’s marathon

Please submit to Bill Barton by the 4th August 2021: