Multilateral Development Banks and Factual Witness Evidence- Kitty Cohen and Kim Franklin QC

Webinar Case Law Notes:

Case Law January 2022 

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‘Multilateral Development Banks and its Impact on Construction Projects’ with Kitty Cohen

Kitty began the webinar by demystifying the complex processes and procedures applied to International Bank funding and its impact on complex or large projects, as to compliance with contract terms such as variations and change of law.

‘Factual Witness Evidence – Who Needs It’ with Kim Franklin QC

Kim then presented on the importance of factual witness evidence, what is it for, what does it mean and who should give it. She discussed the difference between submissions, documents and witness statements and what makes a good, bad or ugly witness.


Kitty Cohen – HEISS Consultant, Multilateral Development Banks

Kitty Cohen is an experienced Consultant with over 30 years of banking, procurement and engineering experience, specialising in procurement, development, and infrastructure projects financed by Multilateral Developing Banks in Developing Countries. She successfully led significant changes for the Council of Europe Development Bank, which involved intense management on a European and East European scale negotiating new ways to efficiently procure sustainable works, services, and goods primarily in the Health, Judicial, Transport, and Water treatment sectors. Now a Consultant for various MDB (IDB, WB, ADB) she strives to achieve the best procurement practices in infrastructure projects, including PPP, as well as being the Vice-Chair of the FIDIC IFI committee, a member of Dispute Resolution Board Foundation (DBRF), a member of AACE international and Managing Consultant for Arc Blue Asia.

Kim Franklin QC- Crown Office Chambers

Kim Franklin QC is a recognised specialist in the construction, engineering and infrastructure sectors.  She acts predominantly as arbitrator, dispute board member and adjudicator, resolving disputes arising from complex projects in international arbitration, dispute boards and as UK construction adjudicator.  Appointed for numerous ICC, ADCCAC and DIAC arbitrations in the UK, the UAE and GCC, she acts as Sole Arbitrator, Party Appointed and Tribunal Chair.

Appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2016, Kim has a flair for technically complex, document-heavy disputes, with a reputation for clarity, strong case management and sound strategic judgment.