Are you undertaking, administering or designing engineering works?

Are you engaged on a contract, such as the NEC4 ECC or FIDIC?

If yes, then you will need to ensure a legal team reviews the contract you are engaged in with the expertise to advise you as to the obligations being placed on you and how your contract can be amended to protect you.  You will also need a solicitor to negotiate the contract on your behalf in a dedicated manner.

Are you an engineer, contractor or developer on an engineering contract that is subject to a dispute?

If yes, then you will need a solicitor who can advise you as to your prospects of success and can handle the dispute that has arisen appropriately.  Whether this is by referring the dispute to adjudication, mediation, litigation or another form of dispute resolution.

Do you believe a dispute has arisen on your contract which entitles you to claim against the other party?

Barton Legal has the knowledge to discuss a potential claim a Developer, Engineer, Contractor or Sub-Contractor may have and the merits of that claim.  Barton Legal can provide clarity on what claim you may, or may not, have and the likelihood your claim will be successful.

Are you an engineer who is administering a contract and needs advice on how to effectively to put a contractor, sub-contractor or consultant on notice that they are either being paid less than the amount they claim, notifying them of an issue with their works or how to deal with another issue?

If yes, you will need to comply with the terms of the contract to ensure the notice you are serving is correct.  You will also need to ensure the event you are notifying the other party of has actually occurred and/or can be notified to the other party at that stage of the contract.  Whatever the situation is, it is sensible to seek legal advice from a firm which can provide clarity on the matter.

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Frequently asked questions

If yes, Barton Legal have the expertise to advise you on the merits of the claim being brought against you and, after discussion with you, will provide a robust response and defence. Barton Legal have worked on a variety of professional negligence disputes for engineers from different disciplines and will handle the claim being brought against you in a dedicated manner.

Barton Legal can also provide pragmatic advise about what to do initially when a claim is brought against you and how to resolve the dispute swiftly, if possible.

Barton Legal also has experience of negotiating, drafting, and amending the standard forms used in this sector and many that are non-standard, such as:


• Orgalime

• ICE 5th and 6th

Other standard forms on which we can advise include:

• GC/Works

• PPC2000 – a single project, project partnering contract

• TPC2005 – a standard form term partnering contract for procurement of term works and services

We can also draft and negotiate other varieties of bespoke contracts to domestic and international funding standards.