The risk of insolvency and its possible effects are ever present in many building, construction and engineering projects. It may be a contractor or supplier, even a party to the SPV or joint venture, the risks are every bit as real.


We have lots of experience of acting for and advising creditors in the pursuit of claims arising from insolvency.

The importance of understanding the commercial issues involved in receiverships, liquidations and administrations is critical to such claims in the construction, engineering and energy industries.

We also act for insolvency practitioners, banks, commercial clients, directors and creditors to pursue their claims, protect rights and transfer business and maintain contracts. Thus, we advise on the reduction of risk as well as the pursuit of outstanding monies.

We can advise on bonds, novations and contractual insolvency provisions to make sure you understand the risk you are being asked or expected to take.

We will pursue claims whether against an insolvent company or on behalf of Insolvency Practitioners.

We advise clients on the steps to reduce insolvency risk at the outset of a construction, engineering or energy contract.

We work closely with other specialist advisors in the insolvency field to ensure you are given the very best specialist and practical advice.

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