The Role of International Dispute Centres

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The International Dispute Resolution Centre (IDRC) is an organisation that promotes and facilitates all types of disputes, mainly arbitration and mediation.


Evolution and Growth

Since its establishment in 1999, the IDRC has grown from a 6,000 square feet building hosting five hearings per day, to a 50,000 square feet building. Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, the IDRC embraced virtual proceedings, conducting up to 18 hearings per day. This experience not only allowed the IDRC to support the courts, but also helped them gain expertise in virtual cases. Virtual hearings remain prominent as the IDRC successfully hosts around 15 hearings per day.


Shareholder Structure and Objectives

The IDRC’s shareholder structure ensures that all shareholders are experienced in dispute resolution. The board of directors comprises experts from different areas of arbitration, ensuring well-rounded perspectives and valuable insights. With over 160 shareholders worldwide, representing 65 law firms and 35 sets of chambers, the IDRC presents a unique and inclusive business structure.


Hybrid Hearings and the Future

Hybrid hearings, combining in-person and virtual participation, is the new look for dispute resolution. The IDRC, with its advanced technology and facilities, is well-positioned to capitalise upon this trend. By embracing hybrid hearings, the IDRC offers flexibility and convenience to clients, allowing them to participate remotely while maintaining the advantages of privacy and procedure control. This hybrid model reflects hearings in the courts as well, as they are more flexible and open to incorporating virtual elements into their proceedings.


The International Operation Centre Alliance

The IDRC is also the founder of the International Operation Centre Alliance, aiming to ensure consistent service levels across multiple centres worldwide. This alliance establishes a framework where hearings held in any part of the world offer a standardised level of quality and support. Recognising the limitations imposed by travel restrictions and varying resources, the alliance facilitates access to physical centres for those requiring additional support during hearings.


The IDRC continues to play a crucial role in the field of international dispute resolution. The IDRC remains at the forefront of facilitating the efficient and effective resolution of disputes on a global scale.


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