Why the Emerald Book – A New International Form of Contract for Underground Works?

Why the Emerald Book – A New International Form of Contract for Underground Works

With Martin Smith – Matrics Consult Ltd (UK) and Giorgiana Tecuci – Tecuci & Păltineanu Avocaţi (Romania)


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Guest Speakers

Martin SmithMatrics Consult Ltd (Seoul, Rep. of Korea)

Martin SMITH

Chartered Civil Engineer born in the UK, studied at UMIST Manchester, UK and trained in Switzerland as a Master Contractor and Lead Auditor. Lived and worked in 20 countries across Europe, Africa and Asia. Prior to setting up own consultancy, Resident Engineer of DUBAL, Dubai, UAE, then Managing Director of Marti-Inter Tunnelling Contractors principally working in South Africa for 10 years, then as Deputy Project Manager for the Swiss Dept. of Transport for the Alpine High Speed Rail Network.

Developed a visual data model for the construction management of major underground and hydropower works linking the optimum methods of construction to the geotechnical, time, risk and cost data. Lead author and initiator of the joint FIDIC/ITA Emerald Book Underground Works.

Giorgiana Tecuci – Tecuci & Păltineanu Avocaţi (Romania)

Giorgiana Tecucci

Giorgiana Tecuci is an international lawyer with over 20 years of experience in construction law and procurement. She is actively involved in FIDIC contracts, particularly emphasizing dispute resolution in both the public and private sectors. As an adjudicator, arbitrator, and trainer, Giorgiana regularly contributes to the organization and running of both FIDIC-related activities and those of DRBF, where she is a President-elect for Region 2.